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Takex America, Inc.



The Industrial Automation product line provides a full range of Industrial Class sensors and accessories utilizing the latest in Photoelectric, Ultrasonic, Microwave, RF, Laser, Luminescence and CCD technologies. These include all forms of Photoelectric from fiber optic to hot (white) metal sensors; color and high-speed registration mark sensors to transparent or open weave materials and luminescence sensors. Light curtains and barriers are available from general purpose to Type 4 and Pick-bin applications. Their Laser line and shape projectors are built for real world applications and trouble free operation.


Their products include:

Laser fiber optic sensors
Amplifier built-in photo sensors
Glass substrate sensors
Ultra sonic sensors
Comb sensors
Wafer sensors
Vacuum fiber optic cables
Chips on lead frame detectors
Protrusion of wafers detectors
LCD board in vacuum tank detectors
Hard disk mapping
Wide area sensors
Background suppression photo sensors


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