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Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.


The sole mission of Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. is to support the automation needs of their customers with combined sales, marketing, service, engineering and manufacturing resources.  They serve a wide variety of industrial markets with a family of automation products including programmable logic controllers, variable frequency drives, operator interfaces, motion control systems, computer numerical controls, industrial robots, servo amplifiers and motors, and industrial sewing machines.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. offers a comprehensive line of factory automation solutions.

Products include:

Automation Platforms
Circuit Breakers
CNC Systems
Distributed I/O Systems
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Energy Monitoring
Human Machine Interface
HVAC Controllers
Industrial Sewing Equipment
Industry Solutions
Motion Controller
Motor Control
Network Communications
Packaged Solutions
Programmable Logic Controllers
Safety Solutions
Servo Systems
Variable Frequency Drives

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