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Items for KTR Corporation (USA)

Item Id Item Description
010480700005 KTR Bowex 48/HE/198/160P/50SHORE
010480710050 KTR Bowex 48/HE/SAE/6.5; 50SHORE
010481602151 48FLE-PA-0215,8 Coupling
020141000002 ROTEX 14/SPIDER/98A/RED
020191000045 Rotex 19, Orange Spider
020241000002 ROTEX 24/SPIDER/98A/RED
020281000002 ROTEX 28/SPIDER/98A/RED
020281000042 Rotex Spider insert T-Purple; 98 Shore-A
020381000042 Rotex38 Spider, 98A Shore, Purple
020421000045 Spider
550091000025 KTR Spider Insert for Rotex GS, Green
550141000002 Insert
550191000002 ROTEX-GS 19/SPIDER/98A/RED
550241000002 Spider
749-165574-001 KTR coupling and insert for Lam
BA020289103800 Rotex 28 Stainless 1A/38/10SS, 38mm ID
BA020289172800 Rotex 28-Stainless 1A/1.125/.250SS
BA550147150949 Rotex-Coupler
BA550147151450 Rotex Coupler
BA550197161267 ROTEX-GS 19/AL/C/.500/.125/CC
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