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Item Id Item Description
OPTION104-BTO Advantech 20183286
OPTION104-BTO SYS-1 System - Advantech Ref No 20186425
OPTION104-BTO SYS-2 System - Advantech Ref No 20186425
PCM-10586-9562E Cable, Wireing kit for PCM-9562
PCM-9562N-S6A1E CUSTOM Single Board Atom Computer
PPC-157T-S Advantech Computer
PPC-BTO-450-314-487 Advantech System #20242405
SBC-BTO Confirigured System
SQF-S25M8-512G-S8C 512 GB Solid State Drive
SYS-7W7220-7A01 Computer System Core i MB Wall
SYS-WM-BTO IPC-5120-BTO Sys consisting of 11 items
TPC-1261-BTO Advantech System
TPC-1271-BTO Touchscreen System
TPC-BTO Advantech System
UNO-BTO System, consisting of the following -
USB-4704-AE 48kS/s, 14-bit, Multi-function USB Modul
USB-4761-AE 8ch Relay & 8ch Isolated DI USB Module
XADP10-KC32L Analog to Digital Converter Board
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