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Items for Apex Dynamics, USA

Item Id Item Description
AB042-004-S2-P2/VPL-B0631T Apex Dynamic Gear Box
AB042-010-S1-P1 Gearbox, 10:1, Low Backlash
AB060-003-S2-P2/MITS HG-MR43 Gearbox speed reducer 3:1
AB060-007-S2-P2/MITSHG-MR43 Gearhead
AB060A-020-S2-P2/MITS HG-MR43K Speed Reducer 20:1
AB115-004-S2-P2/BSM100N-4150AF AB Series inline Servo Planetary GH
AB115-007-S2-P2/BALDOR BSM090C AB115 Inline series Gearhead
ABR060-007-S2-P2/MITS HG-MR43 ABR Series Right Angle Planetary Gearbox
ABR060-014-S2-P2/BPL-B0631T Apex Right Angle Gearbox
ABR060-014-S2-P2/MITSU HF-MP43 14:1 Planetary Gearbox w/Adapt
ABR060M1-008-S2-P2/MPL-A320P Gearbox, Planetary, High Precision
AD110-004-P2 Gearbox
AD110-016-P2/NEMA 34 .625SHAFT Gearbox
AE070-005 Nema 34, 5:1 planetary Gearhead
AER050-010/MITS HF-KN13B Right angle Gearhead 10:1
AER070-007/MITS HG-MR43 AER Series Right Angle Planetary Gearbox
AER070-020/MITS HF-KN43BK Gearhead
PE050-040/COOLMUSCLECMI-0C23L20 Apex 2 Stage Gear Box 40:1
PE070-015/MITS HF-KE43 Gearhead
PE090-016/MITS HF-SP524 16 to 1 Planetary for HF-SP524
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