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Items for Aaeon Electronics Inc.

Item Id Item Description
UP-DR14D6A01G26 (TF) 1GB.DDR333.sodimm
UP-DR14D6A51230 Ram Chip
UP-DR14D6B01G24 1GB DDR2 DIMM, 240 Pin.64Mx8
UP-DR14D6C02G22 2 Gig SDRAM 240pin
UP-DRDDRSO-512/333 DDR SODIMM 512MB/333Mhz
UP-FDFDD-M1.44M 3.5in 1.44 Floppy Drive
UP-FN100775T055 TF CPU Cooler Fan
UP-HD160GBS-S (TF)2.5" Slim 160GB, SATA HDD
UP-HD9783041200 (TF)2.5" HDD.160GB 7200RPM SATA
UP-HD9783208009 2.5in HDD.80GB.SATA.5400rpm
UP-HD9783216002 replaced with UP-HD783041200
UP-HD9783541603 2.5 60 GB Hard Drive
UP-HD9783815A01 Hard disk drive, 60gb
UP-HD9783980802 2.5”Hard Disk Dr .80GB.IDE
UP-HD9783A38000 3.5in SATA HDD.80GB
UP-HD9783HD1600 2.5in 16GB IDE Solid State Drive
UP-HD978541603 Hard Drive 60gb 2.5 inch
UP-LNNET-FA311 Netgear FA311 PCI Network
UP-OTADACOR-6004/802 AC Adapter & Power Cord
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