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Items for Aaeon Electronics Inc.

Item Id Item Description
1702031802 Power Cord 3P 125V 10A
1702031830 Power Cord (USA Type)
170204020A DC Power Y Cable
1709100350 35cm USB Cable
1757306001 (TF)Power Adapter, 110/240V 12V.5A W/Loc
1757912001 AC Adaptor 120W
1757940014 Power Supply
1759200168 Fan Upgrade Kit: 60mm X 15mm DC
1759200335 CPU 12Volt Cooling Fan
2019XP0005 Window XP Professional
9741641001 HDD Assy Kit for AEC-6410
9741681001 HDD Assy Kit
9741681002 AC Adapter (120 Watt)
9741685003 2.5HDD Assy Kit for AEC-6850
A5-0115-C Computer, Embeld PC
AAEON-09228-000 TF-Chassis Kit
AAEON-97001-50011 Eng Prototype Parts
AAEON-TF-KIT Embedded Control PC with Printer,
AP-SS968C8GB Disk on Module 8GB 40Pin
CGVC-TF-AEC-6611-A2-1010 Embedded Controller
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