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Items for PMD, Performance Motion Devices

Item Id Item Description
CABLE-2003 3ft Cable
CABLE-4203 Serial Cable
DD131S0-056/15-RV.1.7.R ION 1-Axis Brushless Servo
DD131X0195/30-N Brushless Servo Drive/Controller
DD141S-0056/15-R ION 1-axis Microstepping with DIN Rail
DD141S0-056/15-N Stepper Ion
DK111SO-056/15-N ION 1 axis Developer’s Kit
DK131S0-056/15-N ION 1-Axis Developer's Kit - Brushless
DK131S0056/15-N PMD Brushless Servo Development Kit
DK141S-0056/15-BV ION 1 Axis Developer’s Kit
DK141S0056/15-N Ion Microstepping Drive, Serial
DK58420 Developers Kit
DK59420 Developers Kit (4 Axis Servo with I/O)
IM-1000 Interconnect Module
MC58110CP Stepper Motor & Controller
MC58110CP3.1.G Chip set
MC58420CP2.4.G/MC50000IOAD8.G PMD Magellan Mixed Motor Dual Chipset
MC73110 Motor Control Chip
MD131P-056/25-HTV1.3 Brushless DC Atlas Drive
MD131P=060/25HTPB1.0 Low Current Atlas Drive
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