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Items for Balluff Inc.(STM)

Item Id Item Description
DL20R/S109B-P-0:2M 2mm Thru-Beam Sensor
DL20R/S109C-P-0:2M DL20R/S109C-P-0:2m Through Beam High Va
DL20R/S109D-P-13:0.1M DL20R/S109D-P-13:0.1m Through Beam High
DL20R/S109E-14 Special Micro T-beam Sensor Visible Red
DL20R/S109E-RX 2mm T-beam sensor/receiver
DL20R/S109E-TX 2mm T-beam sensor/transmittor
DL20R/S120-P-0:1M 2mm T-Beam Point Source
DL20R/S70-P-0:1M 2mm T-Beam Laser-Like Red LED
DL20R/S70-P-0:1MHV Hi Vaccum DL20R/S70
DL20R/S70-P-0:2,2M Special sensor for Novellus
DL20R/S86-P-0:1M 2mm T-Beam SS Slim Beam IR LED
DL20RM-F-0:1M DL20RM-F-0:1m Through Beam RED microSPO
DL20RM-F-1:1M DL20RM-F-1:1m Through Beam RED microSPO
DL20RM-P-0:1M 2mm T-Beam Point Source Red LED
DL20RM-P-1:1M DL20RM-P-1:1m Through Beam RED microSPO
DL20RM/S236-RX-14 Receiver Only
DL20RM/S236-TX-14 Transmitter
DL20RN-P-2:1M DL20RN-P-2:1m Through Beam Red nanoSPOT
DL20RS70PEEK DL20R/S70 with peek cables
DL23RM-P-0:1M DL23RM-P-0:1m Through Beam RED microSPO
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