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Items for Balluff Inc.(STM)

Item Id Item Description
DL20-F-1:1M DL20-F-1:1m Through Beam Infared
DL20-P-0:0.3M DL20-P-0:0.3m Through Beam Infared
DL20-P-0:0.5M DL20-P-0:0.5m Through Beam Infared
DL20-P-0:1M 2mm T-Beam Smooth SS IR LED
DL20-P-0:2M Micro/Nano T-Beam 2mm 2m cable
DL20-P-0:3M T-Beam 2mm - 3 meter cable
DL20-P-1:0.2M Micro/Nano T-Beam cable
DL20-P-1:1M DL20-P-1:1m Through Beam Infared
DL20L-F-0:1M 2mm T-Beam Long Range
DL20L-P-0:1M 2mm T-Beam SS Infrafred
DL20L-P-0:5M DL20L-P-0:5m Through Beam Infared, Long
DL20L-P-1:1M DL20L-P-1:1m Through Beam Infared, Long
DL20L/S143C special sensor DL20 long
DL20R-F-0:1M Replaced with DL20R-P-0:1M
DL20R-F-0:2M Micro/Nano T-Beam 2mm Flex 2m cable
DL20R-P-0:1M 2mm T-Beam SS Visible Red LED
DL20R-P-0:2.5M DL20R-P-0:2.5m Through Beam Red Light
DL20R-P-0:2M DL20R-P-0:2m Through Beam Red Light
DL20R-P-1:1M DL20R-P-1:1m Through Beam Red Light
DL20R/14/S140-P-0:1M Micro/Nano T-Beam 2mm Red LED S140
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