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DLM60-P-0:1M 6mm T-Beam Threaded Long Range
DLM60-P-0:2M DLM60-P-0:2m Through Beam Infared, Metri
DLM60-P-0:4M DLM60-P-0:4m Through Beam Infared, Metri
DLM60-P-0:5M Mini T-beam with 5m cable
DLM60-P-0:8M DLM60-P-0:8m Through Beam Infared, Metri
DLM80-P-0:2M Load-lock Sensor 2M Cable
DLM80R-F-0:1M Mini T-Beam 8mm Threaded flex red LED
DLM80R-P-0:1M 8mm T-Beam Threaded Red
DLM80R-P-0:2M 8mm T-Beam Treaded Red
DLM80R-P-1:2M DLM80R-P-1:2m Through Beam Red, Metric
DLM82-BDP DLM82-BDP Through Beam Infared, Integra
DLM86-BDP DLM86-BDP Through Beam Infared, Integra
DLV365/S237-RX-T.0.6M Receiver w/ 6M Teflon Cable
DLV365RM-F-0:1M Replaced with DLV365RM-P-0:1M
DLV365RM-P-0:1M Microspot sensor
DLV555 Sensor
DLV60-P-0:1M 6mm T-Beam Side Looking IR LED
DLV60-P-0:2M DLV60-P-0:2m Through Beam Infared
DLV60-P-0:3M DLV60-P-0:3m Through Beam Infared
DLV60-P-1:1M DLV60-P-1:1m Through Beam Infared
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