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Items for Heinemann /EATON Products

Item Id Item Description
006-10004 Boot
006-10010 Boot
006-10028 Boot
006-10244 Boot
006-10245 Boot for JA3S series C/B
006-10417 Clip Retainer
006-10469 Boot
006-10478 Fuse Holder
008-C10478-001 Terminal .656"
009-18005 Handle Lock Kit
009-18006 Handle Tie Kit
009-18007 Handle Tie Kit
009-18009 Handle Lock Kit
009-18056 Terminal Kit
009-18076 Terminal Kit
009-18091 JA to AM Adapter Kit
009-18158 Mounting Hardware for GH series
009-18250 Neon Light
009-18255 JA2 Handle Ties
009A18557 Spacer
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