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CME-2 Copley Software
COMM KIT Communication Kit
COMMUNICATION KIT 9 Pin Connector/Converter w/RJ45 Phone J
GAH-AGRP26-03 LXY unit to MAAC-4-7
GAH-ALOD26-03 Single axis unit to MAAC-4-7
GLP Gripper, Single Axis
GRP17-010-55 Gripper, 10mm opening total (5mm per eac
GRP35-030-55 Gripper, 30mm opening total (15mm per ea
GRP50-030-55 Gripper, 30mm opening total (15mm per ea
LAA-5 Amplifier
LAC-1 High speed single axis controller 24vdc
LAC-15 Single Axis Controller
LAD1 Smart Driver
LAH-42RLTD-03 R/L, XY or Gripper to LAC-45 (clarify sp
LAH-4LOD26-03 Linear Actuator with26 pin connector to
LAH-GRP-03 Cable
LAH-LAD-03 . Cable (3M)
LAH-LOD-03 Cable (3M)
LAH-LTD-03 2 Linear Actuators to LAC-25
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