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LAR34-025-55 As LAR30-25 + vacuum, spring & 20K rotar
LAR35-025-55 Linear/Rotary Actuator, 25mm stroke, 24
LAR35-025-65 Linear/Rotary, 25mm stroke, 24 volts, 20
LAR35-050-55 Linear/Rotary, 50mm stroke, 24 volts, 20
LAR37-050-55CVS MOD626-2 (DATA IO unit) Price includes a
LAR55-050-55 Linear/Rotary Actuator, 50mm stroke, 24
LAR55-100-55 Linear/Rotary Actuator, 100mm stroke, 24
LAR95-015-75 Linear/Rotary Actuator, 15mm stroke, 48
LAR95-050-75 Linear/Rotary Actuator, 50mm stroke, 48
LAS35-050-75 50MM Stoke 48V Actuator
LASW20-025-65 Linear Slide Wide boey, 25mm stroke, 24v
LAT-25C-0001-03 LAC-15 to LAL/S 3-Phase Actuator, DB25 P
LAT-25C-0002-03 LAC-20 to LAR 3-Phase Actuator, DB25 Pin
LAT-25C-0003-03 LAC-20 to Two LAL/S Actuators, DB25 Pin
LAT-25C-0004-03 LAC-15 to LAL/S Actuator, DB25 Pin
LAT-25C-0005-03 LAC-20 to LAR Actuator, DB25 Pin
LAT-26C-0001-03 LAC-15 to LAL/S 3-Phase Actuator, DB26 P
LAT-26C-0002-03 LAC-20 to LAR 3-Phase Actuator, DB26 Pin
LAT-26C-0005-03 LAC-20 to LAR Actuator, DB26 Pin
LCA25-010-75F 10 MM Stoke 48V Actuator
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