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Items for Baldor Electric Co.

Item Id Item Description
35FH4005A84SP Fan Cover
35FN3002A02SP FAN
36FH4009A102 Cover
36FN3000C01SP FAN
92B83047000000 Motor
AP-7401 Motor
AP233001 DC Motor
BC141 Drive, use with 115V input voltage
BC142-6 PMDC Chassis Mount Controller
BC154-SI Baldor Controller
BP5000AW14SP Brush Set (2 per)
BP5011T01SP Carbon Brush Set (2per)
BP5040AL01 Carbon Brush Set
BP5052BP01SP Carbon Brush Set (2per)
BP5060BD02SP Carbon Brush Set (2 per)
BR0006 Plug-in Resistor and Fuse Kit
BR0015SP Plug-in Resistor and Fuse Kit
BR0251 HP Resistor Fuse Kit
BSM-50N-3 Motor
BSM50N-133AF 60mm frame 100 Watt Servo Motor
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