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Training Basic PLC Programming & GX Works2

Campbell & George Co. is pleased to offer training for Mitsubishi PLC using the GX Works2 Software.  This course is for PLC users who are involved in the design, development and/or troubleshooting of automated systems with Mitsubishi’s PLC.  In this training you will be able to Program and Run your Applications Exercises in the simulator or in the PLC’s that we provide.


      Windows Expertise


Course Objectives:

By the end of this training course, the student should be able to:

     Identify the Models of the Mitsubishi Family.

     Understand the System design and addressing of the Mitsubishi’s PLC.

      Write, download, monitor and debug Ladder Logic Programs.

     Troubleshoot and debug systems with the Mitsubishi PLC.

Course Description:

1)      Mitsubishi’s PLC’s Review

2)      Numbering Systems

3)      What is a PLC?

4)      Memory Allocation

5)      GX Works2 Review

6)      Basic Programming

7)      Online Operations

8)      Program Documentation

9)      Timers & Counters

10)     Basic Instructions

11)     Special Addresses

12)     GX Works2 Utilities

13)     Mathematics

14)     Intelligent Function Modules

Course Information:

Location:  Campbell & George Co., 1100 Industrial Rd. # 12, San Carlos, CA 94070-4131

Date and Time:  TBA, 3 Days from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Fees:   $ 1,000.00 per student (Credit Cards Accepted)

More Information:

Contact us at (650) 654-5000.

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