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QD81DL96Mitsubishi's QD81DL96 is the newest addition to Mitsubishi's [email protected] concept. Paired with a QnU "Universal" iQ Platform Sequence CPU, the High-Speed Data Logger module automatically synchronizes itself with the host CPU scan cycle to allow data sampling rates as low as 1ms. The module can monitor up to 64 individual CPUs time-synchronized (SNTP) across multiple networks, storing its logged data in a special high-speed 8GB Compact Flash card. The logged data can then be remotely accessible using an FTP client/server or the module's built-in e-mail functionality. For even further convenience, easy and intuitive configuration and data-viewing software will be made available for free download. This module delivers highly reliable data logging capabilities at fraction of the cost for a PC-based data acquisition system. The Data Logger Module is a one-time buy with no additional cost for software.

Lean proprietary firmware keeps data logging fast and secure. Using the Viewer Utility to monitor current data, ongoing events, logged events, and download logged files allows users to optimize their applications and increase production efficiency. This module is currently stocked and available for order. More information can be found at our website in the [email protected] group of our Brochure Downloads section, or the Special Function Module (PLC-Q) category of the Manual Downloads section. (Mike Chen)


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