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At the Automate 2015 show in Chicago, SMAC Moving Coil Actuators introduced a prototype version of the world's first direct drive servo motor robotic finger.  It is shown here operating a Samsung Galaxy touchscreen phone.  SMAC expects an early 2016 release to be shortly followed by a robotic thumb and ultimately the first true functional robotic hand capable of reproducing work done by human hands.

The motor is a servo "partial" motor and is equipped with a SMAC rotary encoder with 15.5K counts per revolution. It achieves a high torque/diameter ratio due to the proprietary magnetic circuit design as well as the coil design.

Another larger motor (35MM) acts as the 2nd joint (MCP FLex).  It puts out a torque of 630 mNm and thus can exert a resultant force of 7N at the tip. Both motors move  +/- 45 degrees just as human joints do. 

The 3rd motor operates as the first joint (MCP Abd).  This is the joint that moves side to side. This motion is based on SMAC’s moving coil linear design and already meets the required parameters.
These motors have been integrated into a structure that allows them to operate and cover the same movement capability as a human’s finger. The structure weighs approximately 350 grams and is physically about 1.5 x larger than the average male finger. 

Watch a demonstration HERE



A new frontier in high performance Fiber Laser Marking.  A UniQue synthesis of fiber laser technology, a high performance marking controller and innovative industrial design make Datalogic's UniQ the ultimate solution for Direct Part Marking applications in the most demanding industries.  With 15W of laser power, UniQ is able to engrave any materials from metal to plastic with the highest quality and with the most aggressive dollar per watt ratio on the market.  

Watch a video of the UniQ HERE

Based on proprietary Datalogic fiber laser technology, UniQ is the most compact, all-in-one fiber laser marker on the market:

  • no external controller or power supply
  • full IP 54 marking system
  • simplified installation, no fiber constraints
  • easy, single unit, packing and shipping

Fiber laser advantages:

  • no fiber length limitations
  • no limitation on fiber bend radius
  • get rid of non-detachable fibers!

UniQ expands its unbeatable marking performance when combined with great companions:  P-series compact smart camera for any auto-positioning application; A&T series high performance smart camera for online quality inspections; PowerScan for keyboard-less operation and attended code verification; Matrix 300 for automatic and unattended code grading and validation.



All-in-one, fully integrated ultra-compact Fiber Laser Marker
High Reliability Full Fiber Technology
No bulk optics, full fiber technology
No misalignments, low sensitivity to temperature and mechanical stresses
Long pulse, high thermal footprint for efficient metal marking
Lifetime Optical Engine
Telecom Grade components
Pump Diode lifetime in excess of 50,000 hours @ full power (25°C)
Full Lighter Software Suite
Built-In 100/240 VAC Power Supply
Built-In EMC -  Embedded Marking Controller
Built-In Mechanical Shutter
Rugged IP54 rated housing for maximum protection



No consumables, no Variable Costs
Ability to mark on oil or dirty surfaces even in harsh environments.
Excellent contrast - Laser Marking: Resistant to autoclave, heat,  steam, wear, corrosion, solvents, water and UV
Instant permanent marking: no drying time, no post processing, no  solvents or additives
High resolution
No graphics limitations: logos, 1D or 2D  codes, serial numbers, batch info
High engraving depth for END–OF–LIFE traceability
High precision even on small surfaces
High speed marking
Tamper proof, counterfeit proof
Non-contact technology - no mechanical stress on material



DPM Coding


Coding & Branding
Standard & Custom Item Coding
Traceability - Stock Maintenance & Management

General Manufacturing

Coding & Branding
Standard & Custom Item Coding
Large Customer & OEM Personalization
Traceability - Stock Maintenance & Management


Branding & Personalization
Standard & Custom Item Coding
FDA's Unique Device Identification (UDI)
Large Customer & OEM Personalization
Counterfeit & Forgery Protections
Traceability - Stock Maintenance & Management
Special & Custom Tools Tracking & Identification


The new Z3 series of photoelectric sensors is the next evolution of the globally acclaimed Z series of sensors. With the longest in-class sensing distance of 25m, the Z3 series includes a built-in amplifier that greatly improves detection performance and yet retains its ease of use and affordability.  The Z3 series through-beam type sensor has a 25m sensing distance, the longest in its class. This high power provides a significant increase in excess gain, which helps the sensor overcome interference from dust or other fine particles. The Z3 series also provides easy optical axis adjustment thanks to its large spot size with good visibility. Its four element LED also helps reduce beam degradation during long-term use.  The output and stability indicator lights are brighter than conventional models making them easily viewable from any direction.  The diffuse-reflective type features an optimized optical receiver system that minimizes the dead zone in front of the lens. This makes it easier to detect objects with a low reflectivity that pass close to the sensor, even objects with varying heights. 

Possible Uses:

Detecting large packed items on a conveyer
Detecting boxes protruding from shelves
Detecting pallalized plastic bottles
Detecting or counting boxes flowing through a process
Detecting plastic bottles on a conveyor
Detecting tires protruding from conveyor












This newly innovative compact LED signal light is designed for a long service life, multi-colored LED array for easy application in any environment, and excellent protection against moisture and dust with a protection rating of IP66 and IP67.  It has a compact design to fit with any piece of equipment.  The white colored lens displays various colors much clearer and uniformly diffuses the light source.

Product Features:

• Enhanced Illumination : Use of long-life, multi-colored super bright LED elements.
• Energy Efficient : LED’s use a lower power consumption.
• Maintenance-Free : High vibration resistant and no bulb replacement needed.
• Cable Wire connection : easy wiring to PLC, etc.
• Applications : Suitable for small machine tools, control panels, etc.
• Available Colors : One unit can generate Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Light Blue, Purple and White

Possible Color Uses:

Conveyor Line:  emergency stop, error, operating, material jammed, inspection, supervisor call, ready to start

AGV:  error, obstacle detected, forward, reverse, turn, idle, dead battery

Compact Equipment - emergency stop, error, operating, out of material, idle, supervisor call, ready to start


PATLITE’s Voice and Sound Modular System now offers a unique module that emits four different alarm sounds in all directions at a level of 100dB (at 1m).

Product Features:

・Sound pressure is a maximum of 100dB (±5dB)
・Four kind of alarm sound patterns can be selected by a DIP switch for a wider sound range.
・Protection rating of IP40
・Complies with CE/RoHS/FCC Standards
・Attach to the LU7 Base Units (LU7-02/LU7-02FB).
・Connects with an LED unit for simultaneous control


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